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FREE Shipping over $49 from the US
FREE Shipping over $49 from the US

Be a good friend!

Refer your friend and both of you can enjoy $5 discount

How to refer

After logging into, look for  at bottom left. Click open it to find your referral link. Share the link with your friends. When your friends register, their first order will enjoy $5 discount. Each referred friend's first order will entitle you a $5 discount code. The more friends you refer, the more $5 discounts you will receive and there is no limit to that.




推荐朋友,各享 $5 折扣


登入后,在屏幕左下角,按 打开,拷贝里面的一个推荐链接送给你的朋友们,朋友们按链接登记Mimodian.com账号。他们的第一个单子立刻享用 $5 折扣,每一个朋友下第一个单后,你也会得到一个$5 折扣码。 多推荐就多得,没有限制。