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Red Date Zongzi 红枣粽

Red Date Zongzi 红枣粽

Rice Dumpling Recipe

Ingredient List 配料表:

1 bag Bamboo Leaves 粽叶 Buy It Now! 立即购买

1 roll Zongzi Lace 粽绳 Buy It Now! 立即购买

500g Glutinous Rice 圆糯米 Buy It Now! 立即购买

300g Dates 大红枣 Buy It Now! 立即购买


1. Wash the glutinous rice and put it in water for overnight.

2. Cut the ends of bamboo leaves off (for dry leaves, soak leaves overnight)

3. Wash the dates and soak for a few hours.

4. Wrapping:

-Fold two pieces of bamboo leaves into the shape of a cone, put in one date and add one spoon of glutinous rice in to the cone. Then put in another date, and fill up the cone with glutinous rice. Hold the cone with one hand to secure its shape.

- Fold down the leave to close the cone. Press it firmly, so it will not fall apart and get a tight seal. - Fold the extra leaves to one side of the zongzi.

- Lastly, secure the shape of the zongzi with a twine.

5. Put the Zongzi in the high pressure cooker and cook at high for 2 hours.


1. 糯米淘洗干净后,泡在清水中36-48小时。

2. 将竹叶的叶角剪下,如果是干粽叶,需要在水中浸泡一晚。

3. 将红枣洗净,浸泡若干小时。

4. 包粽子:


5. 高压锅中煮2个小时出锅即可食用。

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