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FREE Shipping over $49 from the US
FREE Shipping over $49 from the US
新春送好礼,就来米馍店! Check Out Our Lunar New Year Event!

新春送好礼,就来米馍店! Check Out Our Lunar New Year Event!







Too busy at work and the whole family is counting on you to get groceries after work?

It’s freezing outside. Want to make an authentic meal for Lunar New Year Eve, but don’t want to get out of your cozy home?

The only Asian/Chinese store is a 100 miles away?



一单Mimodian,一单Amazon Fresh,带给你家的味道

Your homey dishes are just a few clicks away - order now on (and Amazon Fresh


  • 凡春节活动期间(1/20/2019至2/19/2019)开户即得$5优惠券(满$39可以使用);
  • 推荐好友,好友消费满$39即各得$5优惠券(满$39可以使用),没有上限!!!
  • 首次下单送黑糖姜母茶,福州线面,酸李干,金丝枣,黑砂糖,肉骨味拉面,中华手擀面(任选其一,在付款时请添加备注,如您选择的赠品已经送完,我们将会随机赠送其它产品,先到先得,送完为止!)


  • Lunar New Year Promotions (1/20/2019 to 2/19/2019): Open an account and receive a $5 coupon*; refer friends to us, get another $5 coupon for both* when they place an order of $39 or more !!! No limits!!!
  • First order will be rewarded with a free product. Specify your choice when placing your order on note section. If the product runs out, we will replace that with something else).
  • * Coupons are redeemable when placing orders of $39 or more.



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